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We are looking for young men to participate in My Brothers Keeper for this school year. If you are interested in participating please email for more info.


You receive an attendance form each morning at 8:15 AM in your school email account. You MUST login to complete your attendance! School starts at 8:30 AM and you MUST be present for your first period class. Please email if you are going to be absent. We will be making phone calls home each day you are not in attendance.

Device Technical Support

Many of you have expressed that you are having technical issues with the devices you have been working with. Please use this link to request support.

HSMP email addresses

If you are new to our school, you need to activate your school email since this is our primary communication with students. The format of your email is and your password is hsmpstudent ID/OSIS number. (EX. password hsmp123456789)
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