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HSMP is a college-preparatory high school with a focus on medical studies. We seek to prepare students for college and beyond by fostering their communication skills, strong reading and writing, and analytical thinking.
Academic Rigor

Based on the idea that medicine is a captivating lens for learning, and that the skills necessary for medical profession are universal, we offer a rigorous academic program that engages students through issues of medicine.

Teachers plan collaboratively so that what students learn in one class is strongly reinforced by instruction in other classes. Work is project-based, challenging, and heavily infused with reading and writing. Evaluation methods are transparent so that students can track their own progress.
Supportive Relationships

Because we are a small school, every student is known. Teachers are aware of every student's strengths and needs. Our belief in the importance of interpersonal relationships between students and staff is exemplified in our nationally recognized Advisory program.
Integrated Partnerships

At HSMP, we believe that school is not a rehearsal for life, it is life. Students need to understand the relevance of what they are learning—either because they see its value in their own lives, its utility in the professional world or, most abstractly, because they realize it is part of the process of "becoming successful". We have developed a number of community and corporate partnerships through which our students interact with the professional world and become aware of those vital connections.

Our partners include the Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn United Methodist Home, Interfaith Medical Center, New York Hospital - Presbyterian, Sunrise Adult Day Care, St. Joachin + Ann Nursing Home, Brook dale Hospital, SUNY Downstate Medical Center.