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Four-year Course of Study

Four-year Course of Study

Principles and Goals

In Developing Courses and Course Work, HSMP Seeks to:
  • cultivate a culture of inquiry, reflection and collaboration, where students think critically and communicate clearly
  • create a nurturing child-centered environment where students learn through relevant, real-world experiences
  • recognize the interconnections of subject matter across academic disciplines
  • cultivate a technology-rich environment that effectively integrates
  • educational technology into classroom instruction
  • build a connected community of learners, composed of parents, student, teachers and the community at large
  • address the academic, physical and emotional needs of our students,
  • so they are able to develop a sense of well-being, self discovery, and a respect for and appreciation of their own culture and those of their classmates

Course Outlines

In the first week of school, teachers provide students with a course outline, containing the following information:
  • Course description, objectives, and guiding question
  • Grading criteria
  • Books and other materials needed/required
  • Classroom rules and expectations
  • Contact information

Course of Study
9th Grade   10th Grade     11th Grade    12th Grade
Language Arts  Reading & Writing Workshop  American Literature World Literature  AP English
Social Studies  US History  Global History 1  Global History 2 Economics and Government
Math Algebra Geometry Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus Calculus
Science L.E Health Careers Chemistry Physics and AP Biology AP Chemistry
Foreign Language Spanish Spanish
Physical & Health Education Dance/Sports/Health Dance/Sports/Health
Dance/Sports/Health Dance/Sports/Health
Enrichment Community Service (50 hours) Community Service (50 hours) Community Service (50 hours) Community Service (50 hours)
Advisory and Leadership Art Literacy Leadership Leadership
Standardized Assessments
Regents Requirements
  • 9th Grade: Algebra/Living Environment/US History
  • 10th Grade: Geometry, Chemistry
  • 11th Grade: Trigonometry, Physics. E.S., English, Global, Spanish
  • 12th Grade: AP Exams

A.P. Exams
Chemistry, Biology, English
College Admissions