High School for Medical Professions

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Our Mission

Our Mission

The High School for Medical Professions (HSMP) is a thematic high school located in Brooklyn that is designed for students in exploring and preparing for a career in the health care and/or pharmaceutical field.

Our mission is to engage students in the academic rigor needed to guarantee a quality education for all children ranging from those who struggle to learn to the most gifted. Partnerships with selected members of the health and pharmaceutical industries will provide additional support such as internships, professional development and other available resources to further assist our school in preparing graduates to excel in their post-secondary education and chosen career. Our student-focused program of studies will foster the academic and personal excellence necessary to meet or exceed state standards as well as to promote productive members of society who diversity, value differences and demonstrate the ability to adapt and prosper in the ever-changing world around them.

HSMP faculty and partner understand the challenges faced in supporting the individual needs of all learners and pledge as a school community to provide each child with the personalized attention necessary to reach their educational potential and emotional maturity.