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Respect for All

Respect for All

Respect for self

As members of the HSMP learning community, student are expected to conduct themselves at all times as ambassador's and representatives of HSMP's mission, values and standards of academic achievement.

General expectations:
  • Attend school everyday and on time.
  • Follow the school's dress code with pride and dignity.
  • Maintain a clear and working understanding of the school's mission and values.
  • Constantly thrive to achieve academic excellence.

Respect for others

Students are expected to be active contributors to a cooperative learning commununity. As such, all students are responsible for the emotional, mental, physical safety each other.

General expectation:
  • Treated everyone fairly - respecting the diversity of race, religion, culture and social orientation.
  • Use appropriate language when addressing peer, faculty, staff and administration.
  • Respect differences of opninion and allow everyone to have their own voice.
  • Support the academic progress of others and maintain the intergrity pf their work.

Respect for property

General expectations:
  • Return all equipment back to its intial condition after each use.
  • Keep the school common spaces clean and free of personal items.
  • Report any damage properties to the appropriate authority immediately.